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If you’re disabled or distressed from a chance event that altered your life forever, you are not alone. Each year, thousands of people in the OC, California, have been hurt by the actions or inaction of large organizations, individual negligence, and wrongdoing. The challenges posed to a high achieving accident victim, can at times seem indomitable to a tattered and tired individual with mounting medical expenditures. We assist people like you in gathering the strength you need by helping you obtain great largess in your personal injury compensation.

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Did your suffer an injury in the OC?

It can be a large advantage after being injured in an accident to choose an advocate who is experienced in the local Orange County halls of justice. The Ehline Law Firm PC is experienced in the local courts and knows the community. There are some attorneys that promote themselves as national law firms, but what they don’t tell injured victims is that they have no experience in the local courts. This can be a real disadvantage in the legal representation they are able to provide, and this is a reason why many of these firms contact the Ehline Law Firm PC for local counsel.

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Michael Ehline was raised in Southern California and attended the University of West Los Angeles School of Law. As a former Marine attorney Ehline is committed to protecting the injured victim and is held in high regards by his peers. We take steps to hold the admiration of clients he has represented in the past. We are totally committed to protecting the rights to compensation for the injured victim and aggressively goes up against the insurance companies, corporations and other negligent parties. The client is carefully guided through all of the challenges that can arise during the legal process by the skill and experience of these legal representatives.

The shocking events and road to recovery post accident will be guided by our resolute attorneys, in order to make the liable party pay for their misadventure that has put you in the poorhouse. Accordingly, when you are suffering from the onslaught of ambulance bills, hospital expenses, and therapy resulting from a brush with a vicious dog, a motorcycle wreck, a vehicle rollover, including a brain or burn injury, Ehline Law Orange County is here with the experience, skill and resources right now. Our bold attorneys are world famous for having fought the good fight for the afflicted. We have won many awards for our take no prisoners resolve when it comes to fighting on behalf of the afflicted personal injury claims victim.

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Established by Michael Ehline in 2005, Ehline Law Firm PC is an accident/personal injury law practice enthusiastically devoted to making our clients our friend, not just some manilla file. We make our clients feel like humans and we illustrate to them that we are in their corner by promptly returning phone calls, and keeping them in the loop on important aspects of their case. We make best efforts to give our important clients a superior experience. At Ehline Law Firm PC personal injury lawyers, our “gentlemen of the long robe”, have achieved lasting and powerful verdicts and settlements for many many years. Through merit and hard fighting, we have attracted the attention of friend and foe alike. We have the respect of liability insurance companies, defense attorneys and courts. All comers know when they face Ehline Law, that we have the logistical support and bankroll to gather up witness testimony, expert opinions and other game changing factors that help put your case in the pole position to a victory in or out of court. Even better, we will give you a free case evaluation right now over the phone!

Orange County Info

Orange County is estimated to have 3,121,250 residents, there are freeways, highways, interstates, public transportation and pedestrian traffic. This means with all the traveling done throughout Orange County there are accidents, and whether it is an auto accident, public transportation or pedestrian accident it is important to have the representation of an experienced legal counselor.

Don’t delay, contact us toll free at 888-400-9721. Speak to top-notch members of the California State Bar. We are presently only a phone call away. Let us consult with you about your chances of an excellent financial outcome, as well as getting you the medical treatment you need to be able to mitigate your losses and get your life on track.

Getting the Very Best OC Personal Injury Attorney

Picking the brightest and best Orange County injury lawyers for your accident claims, is perhaps the most important decision you will ever make after a catastrophe of apocalyptic proportions. You need to look at many important ingredients when picking a lawyer. Fortitude, bearing, resolve, honor, and total commitment are just a few of the essential fixings in choosing a legal champion. But as Zig Ziglar always said. “Enthusiasm Makes the Difference”. And that is the one characteristic that sets Ehline apart from all comers. Our founder, Michael Ehline became a practicing attorney before he even got a law degree. He is an inactive U.S. Marine, and he came up in life, not with a silver spoon, but by blue collar work, and setting goals. If you wanted a goal oriented hard charger, a patriot, a “Three Percenter”, you just found the law firm to retain. You want enthusiastic representation and you want results. We want this important decision to be the right decision for you. We are confident that our law firm brings all the essential skills to satisfy your needs as an injured victim with rights.


Getting Results for Orange County Negligence Victims

Above all else, clients want action. They want to see something tangible, and not just strong oratory. And winning results cannot be substituted with hollow words. Those who have done evil to you, need to be held accountable for your financial and other woes. A substantial portion of victims we have represented, have made off with excellent settlements and awards. In fact, we have won tens upon millions of dollars for wounded plaintiffs throughout California. We have recovered enough money for a motorcycle accident victims to afford pain meds and other care for his lifelong injuries. We have obtained enough money for a rape victim to get the care this DOE plaintiff needed to get back into life. Our firm helps wrongful loss of life victims garner significant awards to pay for a widower, or widow’s house payments, school expenses and college for children left behind, food, insurance and other expenses the deceased wage earner had contributed. (Click here to check a few of our results.)

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If you or a loved one was seriously hurt and wants help as the result of a defective product, or car accident for example, our commitment to you is:

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  • Grant a free phone consultation; in private;
  • Pay up front case costs;
  • Protect the Statute of Limitations;
  • Give you first cabin, 5 star service;
  • Not get paid when you get paid after a victory;
  • Keep you continually advised about the latest updates in your case;
  • Clarify misunderstandings you may have about any aspects of your case, sometimes within minutes, and never exceeding 24 hours;
  • Use cutting edge technology to update you on your firm and legal news, as well as preparing your case for trial or mediation. a

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If we enter into an attorney-client relationship with you and take on your case, you’ll rest assured that you have retained the very best lawyers in California. We are winners, fighters and expert professionals in the battle everyday for you and the interests of terminally, and temporarily injured personnel. Let our drive, desire and fortitude carry the day for you and yours. Let us be your “A-team” of attorneys resolved to making the plan come together for you. Ask us about our no recovery, no attorney’s fee policy and enjoy the peace of mind knowing you have the Ehline difference on your side.

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Having faith in your lawyer is the is the foundation of a lasting, efficient, attorney/client alliance. Retaining a shyster, or an ambulance chaser is not an option, and certainly is no match made in heaven. In fact, it is a ticking time bomb to hire an unsavory lawyer. Giving yourself the greatest possibility of best success means retaining a passionate, trustworthy injury lawyer. Let us gain your trust with a pre case interview. Let us prove to you how enthusiastic, caring and compassionate we are to your bottom line. You were seeking top notch accident lawyers, and you found them. Hiring us is an investment in your future. You are significantly increasing your chances at a better result with a great attorney in your corner. Let us evaluate whether or not you have a right to a compensatory award, from the person or persons you believe are responsible for your injuries. You may be right, you may be wrong, or there may be more parties with deep pockets who can also be forced to pay you compensatory damages. If your case is a go, then we are chomping at the bit to make it happen for you. We don’t take on just any case.

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